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  1. Performers should arrive on time or a few minutes before sessions start.

  2. Performers should bring a drink and snacks to session for break time.

  3. Performers aged 7+ must wear black jazz shoes to session.

  4. Strictly no gum, slime or hard sweets permitted.

  5. Performers should be dressed appropriately in Reach Performers uniform when taking session.

  6. Hair should be tied off the face and neck for all sessions.

  7. Jewellery can be distracting and dangerous, please leave it at home.

  8. Phones and tablets are not permitted in session and should be left in bags or at home.

  9. Performers should address all teachers formally with Miss/Mrs/Mr prefixed to the teachers first name. e.g.: Miss Jess.

  10. Performers are expected to listen to the teacher. To be respectful to the teacher and fellow performers. Rudeness is unacceptable.

  11. Performers must not speak over teachers and ask questions when prompted or with a raised hand.

  12. Treat others how you would like to be treated, name calling or acts of bullying are not tolerated at all.

  13. Performers must ask to use to toilet and only so many toilet breaks will be allowed per session (unless we have been told otherwise).

  14. If a performer is rude, disrespectful or speaks over a teacher or performer, they may be asked to leave the studio and wait with an assistant until they are addressed by the teacher.

  15. Inappropriate language is forbidden.

  16. At the end of every session the teacher and students should applaud one another and say thank you.

  17. Everyone is asked to treat the studio with respect. Use the bins and clean up after yourself please.

  18. Performers with outstanding fees will not be permitted to join sessions or performances until such time as the fees have been paid or alternative arrangements have been made.

  19. We want our sessions to be fun for all involved and to create a safe space where our performers feel they can be vulnerable and taken seriously. If a performer breaks 3 of these rules in a term, parents will be notified and this may result in a termination of your space at Reach.

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