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Main Hazards

Who May Be Harmed

Slips, trips & falls, dance related injury, Protection of all vulnerable performers.

Performers, accompanying adults, staff.


Control Measure's You Should Consider

Risk Level

Slips, trips & falls and dance related injury.

  • We will ensure that parents & guardians are aware of the clothing requirements needed. All performers should wear appropriate shoes for sessions.

  • We will make sure that all performers have appropriate clothing for activity. If anything has potential to cause injury then this would be prevented and raised with the parent appropriately for future.

  • We will ensure that the floor is swept of any hazards before session and fire doors cleared.

  • Performers belongings will be put to the side to create a clear floor space. 

  • We will assess the space before every sessions to make sure it is safe for our performers.

  • Safety provisions will be put in place before any advanced / new technique / stunt in dance sessions. 

  • Performers will warm up before every session.


Protection of vulnerable performers.

  • It is essential to ensure that all teachers have a current enhanced CRB check within the last year and that it has been checked as sufficient.

  • We will follow the safeguarding policy to ensure that we comply with all regulations.

  • We will always ensure that our ratio of teachers to children is correct and that they are aware of their responsibilities.

U - L

Risk level: VU = very unlikely, U = unlikely, L = likely, VL = very likely

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