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After many years of training and performing in amateur and professional productions throughout the East Midlands, Annabel furthered her professional journey when she was awarded a scholarship to train at Doreen Bird College in London.During training Annabel worked for Wii Nintendo, modelling and producing voice-overs and video footage for their games Wii Sing She featured in adverts, box set covers and Wii Sing Rock and Wii Sing Pop video games.

When she graduated, her feet barely touched the ground in the UK as she went off to work in Malaysia. She was in the ensemble for both Beauty and the Beast and Snow White. Staged and directed by Chris Colby and David Kort and Musically Directed by David Laugharne. She then travelled further working for Paul Hammond Productions in theatres in Qatar. 

Annabel then went on to join the ensemble of Singin In The Rain in Paris, performing at the Theatre Du Chatelet. She was then re-contracted to continue performing Singing In The Rain at the Grand Palais, making history as they staged their first-ever Musical at this prestigious venue. 

Following Annabel has also been involved in some Commercial, promotional videos in the UK and was recently a Dancer for Debbie Moore's 40th Anniversary of Pineapple Dance studios event and also danced for the collaboration between Pineapple Dance Studios and the Global Hello Kitty New dance-wear. 

She was also asked to represent Ashley Nottinghams Showdance and perform at the Open Day Gala for Pineapple Dance Studios and most recently performed at the British Take Away Awards for host for Jimmy Carr at the Savoy Theatre. 

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